Are You Ready to Elevate Your Meditation Practice? All About Essential Oils

Do you meditate? Maybe you are a newcomer, or you've been practicing this wonderful form of stress relief for a long while? What about essential oils? Perhaps you use them in the bath to unwind after a long day, or pop a couple of drops in an oil diffuser at home?


Both meditation and aromatherapy are excellent self-care methods. You can meditate anywhere, all that is needed is a private spot to focus.

Likewise, essential oils can be used in many situations. But did you realize that essential oil can strengthen your meditation process, making it more powerful and consistent?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the ‘juices’ of aromatic plants. In their simplest form, they are the natural odor and properties of the plant.

The “essential” part of the term enters into play because the oils contain the ‘essence’ of the plant’s aroma.

Some plant oils are antiseptic, and the bulk are also anti-viral or anti-inflammatory.

Steaming is the typical process of oil extraction to access the fragrance. 

Most likely you’ve heard of some of the most popular fragrances, such as lavender, jasmine, peppermint, lemongrass, and tea tree oil.

Why are Little Bottles of Fragrant Oil So Costly?

This is because not only is it a time-consuming process but moreover an abundance of the plant is required to deliver the oil.

Take lemon oil, for example, it requires 50 lemons to achieve a 15ml bottle!

What are Essential Oils Used in?

You may be astonished by how many goods contain essential oils! They can be found in cosmetics, soaps, candles, incense, and even food!

These products commonly consist of a mixture of essential oils and fragrance oils.

Essential oils can also make a quick and easy natural at-home surface spray.

Try adding 4 or 5 drops of lavender oil to a 300ml spray bottle of water and instantly become the holder of an efficient cleaning product!


Did you know?

In ancient times, essential oils were an extravagance and often accepted for payments of goods and services.


What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the learning and application of essential oils.

It is a holistic treatment that stimulate’s both your physical and emotional state.

Is Aromatherapy Safe?
Aromatherapy is a safe body and self-care practice as long as you;

  • dilute the oils
  • use them correctly
  • follow instructions
  • purchase from a trustworthy source

Always consult your healthcare provider if you are unsure or are taking medications. 

Why Combine Essential Oils and Meditation?

By introducing aromatherapy to your meditation self-care routine, the fragrance from the oil anchors the positive intentions into your consciousness.

This is because out of our five senses, the smell sense is closely tied to memory, and emotions.

Do you ever detect a fragrance that instantly takes you back to another time? A whiff of scent brings back that feeling of snuggling your mom as a child, or the smell of a rose transports you to grandma’s garden on a summer’s day?

This is the example of the smell, memory and emotion association at work!

How to Use Your Essential Oils in Meditation

You can apply essential oils in a range of ways during your meditation experience.

One approach would be to purchase a meditation mist [like ours here] and spray on your body, yoga mat or pillow.


You can also dilute your essential oil and apply it directly to your skin.

Another means is to utilize an oil burner or room sprays, or incense. 

Throughout the day reapply or smell your oils and this will bring back the peace focused on during meditation, which will instantly quiet your mind.


In our modern, busy world, being stressed is almost as routine as eating breakfast.

With the fast-paced, pressurized, high-tech environment many of us live in, now more than ever, we need to unplug.

Looking after your body and self-care can no longer be an afterthought but instead a crucial regular habit.

Combining meditation and aromatherapy is a simple yet powerful process to emphasize the mind, spirit, and body connection, leading to a happier and calmer you!