Introducing Products by Skeem Design

We've recently on boarded a collection of products by the very talented and well-known team at Skeem Design. 

Skeem Design was founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Suji Meswani and Geoff Weiser. We chose to carry Skeem products because their ethos of creating a healthy work-life balance that allows them to spend more time in nature reflects how we feel about self care and living life to be our best selves. 

Skeem Design Matches, Match Cloches and Incense

Skeem Design carries an extensive line of gorgeous, USA made matches, glass bottles and delightfully scented incense. The majority of their products have been designed to reuse, or up-cycle, into new items that you can treasure in your home. 

We felt the design, the company ethos, and gorgeous products that Skeem Design creates would be a perfect addition to the BathMilk bath products and website offerings. We hope you enjoy their creations as much as we do!