Why BathMilk?

We believe in magic. 

We believe in the divine power of nature to nourish and restore us. 

We are enticed by the rustic and wild, natural and pure. 

We feel that practicing the timeless and enchanting tradition of bathing in milk and botanical elixirs gratifies our bodies and spirits. 

We are passionate about purity and potency, harnessing powerful combinations of healing herbs and nutrient-rich milks, and disallowing unnatural additives like artificial dyes and glitter. 

We curate only the finest selection of uncannily opulent tinctures, for an assuredly bewitching collection of Bathmilk.

Nothing beats luxuriating in a warm bath after a long day. A few candles, a glass of wine, maybe a little music, and you're on your way towards blissful relaxation. Now all you need is a sumptuous bath product to make your diy spa night complete. What could be more tranquil, soothing, and restorative than… a huge neon bath bomb; shedding glitter, fizzing away, turning your bath water an outlandish shade of unicorn-pink? 

We believe that there is a better way.

 We are on a mission to give self-care a glow-up. 

Baths of milk and herbs have been used by women for centuries for their relaxing and beautifying results. The effective and indulgent practice of milk-baths dates back to Cleopatra of ancient Egypt and beyond. 

Bathmilk is not new. Bathmilk won’t turn your tub into a rainbow, and there are no dollar store trinkets hidden inside. Bathmilk is not gimmicks and glitter, cloying scents, or unnatural hues. Bathmilk is not new, but it is innovative. 

Inventive in its authenticity, Bathmilk combines the best of nature to provide an experience that is as delightful as it is genuine. 

From Dragon’s Milk, a vitalizing energy boost, to Tranquility Milk, an intensely soothing combination of lavender and kava kava, all Bathmilk products are crafted with the authentic human in mind.