Leo Zodiac Candle

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Experience the power of the stars with our Leo Zodiac Candle. Handcrafted with heavenly scents of blood orange and lemon, this mystical, handmade candle is sure to light up your life with all the zodiac-powered goodness you can handle. Let your zodiac sign take control and take you on a journey of aromatherapy. (Welcome to the zodiac club!)

Each Tarotdipity x Bathmilk Zodiac Candle is carefully crafted to elicit the perfect combination of crystal, color and scent magic. Each zodiac candle is handmade in the USA with love and intention. 

Scent Profile : Blood Orange, Lemon, Citrus

Gemstones : Citrine, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Opal

Tarot Card Symbol : Strength, The Sun. Whichever card you receive is what archetype the universe is asking you to bring forward. 

Small candles are 6oz and burn for 26-28 hrs.